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The archive manager helps you handle archives. It is toggled with Ctrl-1 or through the "View" menu. It can be in a free-floating window or docked to the main window.

The archive manager offers four tabs for its four main functions:


The archive tab gives a list of all currently-open archives. Note that depending on which options are set in your preferences, it is possible to have open archives without an active tab and going through the archive manager is then required to give them their tab back.

Double-click on an archive in this tab to go to its tab (opening it if needed). Right-click on an archive to access the context menu from which you can access the "Save", "Save As" and "Close" options.

File Browser[]

The file browser tab shows you your file system as a directory tree and lets you open files from there. Double-click on a folder (or, in Windows system, on a drive letter) to show its content. Double-click on a file to open it. The file browser only shows directories and files that it can open. There is no context menu within this tab.

Recent Files[]

The recent files tab shows a list of recently-opened archives. The list there is longer than that in the "File" menu. Double-click on a file to open it. Right-click on a file to create a context menu in which you can choose to either open the file or remove it from the list.


The bookmarks tab lets you manage your bookmarks. Double-click on an entry to jump to it. Right-click on an entry to open a context menu in which you can choose to either go to the entry or remove it from the bookmark list.