The base resource archive is typically an IWAD containing all the core game data. SLADE needs a base resource archive set to work correctly in the following circumstances:

  • When viewing or converting graphics. SLADE will use the PLAYPAL lump from the base resource archive as the default palette. If none is set, the default palette will fallback to a grayscale palette, resulting in monochrome graphics.
  • When creating new PNAMES (patch tables) and TEXTURE1 and TEXTURE2 lumps. While some source ports such as ZDoom allow for cumulative texture lumps, vanilla Doom and most other ports do not, so if SLADE cannot import the definitions from the base resource archive, you will not be able to use the stock textures with your mod.
  • When using the texture editor and viewing or editing textures that reference stock texture patches.

To set the base resource archive, click on the blue cog next to the drop-down base resource selector on the toolbar, or click on Editor->Set Base Resource Archive from the menu.

You can add as many files as you want, though you should only add files that actually contain the data needed by SLADE. A good approach is to add all the IWADs you have. Then select the one you want to work with.

You can change the selection at any time from the drop-down selector in the tool bar or with Editor->Set Base Resource Archive in the menu.