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Boxes around sprites

Hi, I have a problem with Slade: whenever I try to convert to PNG, next time when I load the wad with XWE, they have black boxes around. Is there a way to remove those annoying boxes? The reason is that I use XWE mainly for modding but I come sometimes with boxes around sprites and I wonder how to remove them. I just download some custom stuff from R667 and some sprites have already boxes but they are PNG so I don't know how to fix it. Plz help me! (Yes, I am aware that sprites are not affected in-game but it bothers me how they look in XWE)

P.S. Because of that, I use Slumped for converting to PNG but there may be some sprites that have boxes and I can't remove them. Please excuse my bad english, I still learn. :P 16:52, February 10, 2012 (UTC)

Looks to me like you have a problem with XWE that doesn't display PNG correctly; not a problem with SLADE. It isn't possible to fix XWE bugs from SLADE; but it is possible to ditch XWE entirely and only use SLADE from now on. :D --Gez 21:42, February 15, 2012 (UTC)

JEDI graphic error

SLADE 3 crashes when I open JEDI FME graphic files.

Version: 3.1.0 (r1169)

Stack Trace:

0: (d:\jeux\doom\source\slade\src\sifjedi.h:250) SIFJediFME::readFrame()

1: (d:\jeux\doom\source\slade\src\siformat.h:66) SIFormat::loadImage()

2: (d:\jeux\doom\source\slade\src\simage.cpp:587) SImage::open()

3: (d:\jeux\doom\source\slade\src\misc.cpp:96) Misc::loadImageFromEntry()

4: malloc()

5: (d:\application\visual studio\wxwidgets\src\common\imagbmp.cpp:1076) wxBMPHandler::DoCanRead()

6: (d:\application\visual studio\wxwidgets\src\msw\listbox.cpp:453) wxListBox::GetString()

7: ()

I use Windows XP, SP3.

Sorry for the underwhelming resolution, but all I can do right now is advise you to grab slade 3.0.1 to use with Dark Forces stuff. While developing 3.0.2, the entire way SLADE manages image formats was rewritten and the conversion of the Jedi engine code to the new system apparently broke it. Given that these formats are excessively convoluted, I can't motivate myself to look too deeply into what's happening there. There are more than just one problem at play. So for now, Dark Forces image support in SLADE 3 will be disabled entirely in the development builds. --Gez 14:39, February 27, 2012 (UTC)

I can't see graphics in Windows Basic theme. halp!

I got a really really annoying problem whenever i try to open it, it does not show up, task bar shows it actually runs but does not show up what is the problem

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