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Base resources chain[]

Sometimes one needs more than 1 base resource (doom2.wad + gothictx.wad for example.) This is will be most useful in a map editor, but there's a theoretical possibility of a wad using textures with patches from several wads. Thus an option to use an arbitrary chain of base resources can be useful. Somewhat related is ability to "rebase", for example, to change the required resources from Doom2.wad+texturepack1.wad+texturepack2.wad to just Doom2, rebuilding TEXTEUREx and PNAMES lumps in the process.

The first part of this request is technically already in, any open archives are counted as 'resource archives'. Eventually I'll make it so the user can select which open archives to use as resources and which not to. The second part is probably a bit complicated for now, but should be simple enough to achieve with the planned 'project' system, when it's implemented, which won't be for a while :P. --Sirjuddington 07:02, April 14, 2011 (UTC)

Doom Alpha to final map conversion?[]

Could you add a method of converting the Doom Alpha maps to final map format?

Is the GitHub issue tracker preferred now?[]

Is the GitHub issue tracker ( ) preferred now? This wiki looks dead.

Auto crop option[]

Is it possible to add the "Auto Crop" feature into sprite options?

Since I work with thousands of sprites and adjusting them one by one is quite annoying.

So, in that way, I adjust the offsets previously with some third party program like Photoshop, and then, Slade3 might crop the transparent parts of the image, leaving only the visible part, and keeping the offsets...