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SLADE3 provides the following features for the supported data formats. See also planned features and feature suggestions.


  • An archive manager with multiple functions
  • A console
  • Ability to open archives embedded into other archives, with no limit on the amount of recursion
  • Ability to "bookmark" entries in order to retrieve them faster in large archives
  • Filter list of entries by type and/or name, including wildcards


  • Creating new entries
  • Importing files as entries
  • Copy/Cut/Paste entries, including between different archive types
  • Mass renaming of entries
  • Modifying entry order (moving them "up" and "down")
  • Reverting changes made to entries


  • Map preview

Full-fledged map editing is planned


  • Display, including zooming/dezooming and panning
  • Viewing paletted images with a variety of palettes
  • Color tinting and palette remapping
  • Changing offsets (including automatic addition of offsets) in formats that support them
  • Converting between image formats
  • Converting a color to transparency
  • Basic editing features, such as mirroring and 90° rotations
  • Extraction and conversion to PNG of all subimages in an image collection (e.g., Build tiles)
  • Call to external PNG optimization tools


  • Viewing as graphics


  • Display of textures, including zooming/dezooming and panning
  • Viewing paletted texture patches with a variety of palettes
  • PNAMES listing, information and edition
  • Edition of individual textures to change size and scale; to add, replace, or remove patches, and to modify their order and their offsets
  • Support for Doom, Doom Alpha, Strife and ZDoom texture definitions.



nothing yet


  • Find/replace
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Auto indent
  • Brace matching
  • Code folding


  • Preview of generic lumps as hex dump
  • Creation and edition of ANIMATED and SWITCHES lumps
  • Generation of ANIMDEFS lump from ANIMATED and SWITCHES lumps
  • Basic palette editing and palette range generation
  • ACS compilation (with external ACC program)
  • PNG optimization (with external PNGOUT, PNGCrush and DeflOpt programs)
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