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SLADE 3 supports the following data formats:


Note that embedded archives are supported, with no hard limit on nesting recursion.

  • WAD
  • PK3 -- because of wxWidgets' limitations, only a subset of the ZIP standard is supported at the moment
  • PAK and WAD2 formats from Quake, as well as BSP format (only for embedded textures)
  • Anachronox DAT files
  • Dark Forces GOB and LFD files
  • Build GRP files
  • Blood RFF files (read only)
  • Shadowcaster DAT files/CyClones HD/CD files
  • Shadowcaster LIB files
  • Amulets & Armor RES files (read only, MDAT.RES not supported as it is not in the same format)
  • Descent HOG files


Note that the map editor is yet to be implemented, support is at the moment limited to a quick preview.

  • Doom format
  • Hexen format
  • Doom 64 format
  • UDMF


If a format is specified to have full support, it means that it is possible to convert a picture into this format. Other formats are merely displayed.

  • Doom picture format, including tall patches. (Full support)
  • Doom flat and other raw data pictures of known dimension. (Full support)
  • All Doom alpha and press release beta image formats: gnums, sneas, raw data and header, alpha and beta patches.
  • PNG, including grAb and alPh chunks. (Full support)
  • GIF.
  • JPEG.
  • BMP.
  • TGA.
  • PCX.
  • TIFF.
  • Shadowcaster/CyClones flats, textures, HUD graphics and sprites.
  • Amulets & Armor MipImage textures and UI graphics.
  • Quake HUD pictures (also used by Doom Legacy), textures and sprites.
  • Quake II "wal" textures.
  • Heretic II mipmapped images (.m8)
  • Half-Life textures.
  • Build engine art tiles (.art)
  • Wolfenstein 3D textures, graphics and sprites.
  • Rise of the Triad textures, graphics and sprites (except translucent textures).
  • IMGZ.
  • Planar graphics (used by Hexen for its startup screen, full support).


Fonts are at the moment treated as graphics composited from all their characters.


A Doom texture is composited from several patches which are typically in the standard picture format.



At the moment, model support is limited to identifying the formats.

Mesh models

  • DMD
  • MD2
  • MD3

Voxel models

  • VOX
  • KVX
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